historic building white furnishings
Historical Portuguese building. A house from the 40s renovated to the present day

The historical house, with its architectural style that dates back to the dictatorship period and thus the expression of a political ideology that is currently openly condemned, but with an effective design is redesigned to house a modern family

This is the first work on a Portuguese building by the architectural studio Camarim Arquitectos, which in this case operate in Lisbon. The style of the house and its composition are considered as such. Windows, walls, doors and all accessories are visibly new and establish a serene relationship with the original elements

The cabinets are made to full height

Around the atrium, there is a succession of single-functional spaces, living room, atrium, office, kitchen and dining room, which merge into one large multi-functional space, characterized by a garden view and natural lighting. Small changes affect the private spaces on the upper floor. The penthouse undergoes the most substantial change: the servants' room becomes the main bedroom with a large lighthouse housing the bathroom in the middle

The cabinets are made to full height