The metal structure and the wood covering above the kitchen
Housing in the heart of Seattle. Domestic environments acquire personality

A young family from Seattle wants to give a new look to their home, and turns to the architecture and design studio SHED, which will integrate original elements of the last century with details dictated by modernity

The Australian studio is responsible for the renovation of the house located in the heart of Seattle, dating back to 1957. The structural changes have been limited, while numerous environments, including the kitchen, characterized by laminated furniture, bathrooms and bedrooms have been totally redesigned

Detail of the wooden kitchen

The floor of the entire house has been replaced, with the exception of the hardwood floors of the dining room and the green slate floor. The two bedrooms that made up the main suite have been changed and one of the two bedrooms has become the master bathroom. The old tool shed has been converted into a swimming pool

Detail of the wooden kitchen