Facades of the new construction
New facade for a building in London. Urban life transformed by the new project

London-based architecture studio Stiff + Trevillion has designed a multi-purpose building with five-storey offices and shops on the ground floor, completely redesigning the back of the building, Pavillion Road, which becomes a display window for restaurants and shops.

The back of the building designed by Stiff + Trevillion is redesigned to be a terrace for the various independent activities designed to serve the local community, such as shops and restaurants, opening onto a luxurious courtyard that provides a welcoming public space.

London district and new project

This space, a meeting point for the community has several outdoor seats. The perimeter building on this street is nothing more than the back of a new multi-purpose building, which has offices on all floors, except for the ground floor, which is intended for selling.

London district and new project