The common area of the school
Transformed industrial site. History and monumentality characterize the new high school

The industrial complex located in Lille, France, preserves scale, monumentality and spatial quality while leaving room for a new use, a high school complex, incorporated into the imprint of the old factory

The transformation of the site, with an area of about 21000 square meters, is completed in 2016 in the city of Lille, in the north of France. The aim of the project is to underline the historical significance of the site, highlighting its qualities and atmosphere

The exterior of the restored industrial complex

Although the project aims to maintain a trace of its industrial heritage with an attractive character, the new place is rich and lively, but also partially melancholy. Pragmatism and sharing are the characteristics of the new buildings on display not forgetting the relationship with the old through the use of materials

The exterior of the restored industrial complex