Renovation of the humid masonry for the Villa in Veneto. The Villa Barchessa Valmarana experience
A visit to Villa Valmarana, belonging to the rich heritage of Venetian Villas and renovated several times, reveals an important rising humidity with consequent problems to the masonry of the residence, now open to visits and events


Villa Barchessa Valmarana, one of the Venetian Villas completely frescoed by the Tiepolo school and renovated several times, has been subjected by the current owner to an inspection that reveals a considerable rising humidity and consequent problems with the masonry of the structure that today is experiencing new decades opening its rooms to guided tours and exclusive events



The data analyzed clearly identifies the problem, highlighting its origin and the most exposed areas; an angle that shows increasing damage, in fact, corresponds to an area where a river used to flow in the past to drain the kitchens, which is now empty and unused



Some measurements with depth hygrometer show a large presence of salts which are particularly aggressive inside the masonry: it is assumed that the discharge in the past was used for animal waste which, by setting aside and decomposing, led to the creation of a considerable quantity of nitrate salts



In order to solve the problem, a radical intervention is carried out, definitively draining the masonry with the application of the Biodry technology, initially installing the device only in the area most affected. After six months, the effectiveness of the system is checked both with the naked eye and through technical measurements



By reversing the flow of water molecules towards the ground and conveying the moisture downwards, the approach is ecological and makes it possible to dehumidify the masonry permanently



In historical buildings, where the reversibility is a fundamental element in order not to damage the valuable context, the Biodry system for the natural and definitive drainage of humid masonries through capillary ascent, is particularly effective and non-invasive